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Sunday and Wednesday Church Service

The continuation of Jesus’ example will bring mankind to a complete reconcilation with God.
We believe that the work that Christ began must be continued through this generation and the next.

Sunday Church Service

Sunday School 9:45am

Learning about Jesus through God is our goal and we encourage all people to to be educated and spread the Good News. Our Sunday School Classes will resume in the near future for both adults and our youth.

Sunday 11:00am

Join Us for a traditional service with a robost choir and fellowship

Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00pm

Learn about the Spirit of God and Jesus Christ with friends.

Every 4th Sunday we have a Friends and Family church service honoring them as a special guest.

Feeding the Soul is what we do and that includes the Word of God, fellowship and good food.

Soul Winners Church of God - call 817-500-6855 /

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