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Helping People in Need / Veterans Aid

The church must seeek out and provide a message of love to the lost; be they rich or poor, black or while, young or old. It is our responisbility to disseminate the apostolic spirit and life to as many people as possible.
We have been charged with the mark of a higher calling to reach and preach the gospel that others may enter into the Kindom of God.

Giving To Others

Whomever is in need is our objective. We never pass up an opportunity to serve and have had the honor to celebrate with men and women in our Nations Military.

No gift is to small. Your generarosity is a gift.

Please contact us via email or call us at (817) 500-6855 if you can contribute or if you or someone you know may require our services.

Ways you can help

- Your Time -

- Goods and Service -

- Money -

Soul Winners Church of God - call 817-500-6855 /




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